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4 Interview Questions That Can Help You Identify the Top Candidate

You want top talent on your team. To achieve your goal, it helps to prepare for job interviews. When you do, you can ask the right questions to identify the best candidates to fill roles across your business.

Ultimately, several interview questions can help you identify the top candidate for a job. These questions include:

Questions to Ask to Better Help Find Top Talent

1. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

This question gives you an opportunity to learn what a job candidate knows about your business. If a candidate is prepared for their interview, this individual should have no trouble describing why he or she wants to join your company. The candidate can explain what prompted them to apply for a position with your business. In addition, this individual can also discuss what separates him or her from other candidates.

2. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

With this question, you can better understand why a candidate is pursuing new career opportunities. When you ask the question, a candidate may explain why he or she is unhappy with their current job. Listen to what the candidate has to say. In doing so, you can see how the role you want to fill aligns with the candidate’s career interests. In addition, you can determine if a candidate has realistic expectations for the job with your company.

3. How Would Your Boss and Co-Workers Describe You?

Use this question to learn about a candidate’s soft skills. For instance, if a candidate believes that their boss and co-workers would say he or she is a good communicator and problem-solver, this individual is likely to thrive in various roles. Of course, you can always ask a candidate to provide a list of former employers to contact following the interview. This allows you to see what past employers say about a candidate. Plus, you can get insights into a candidate to help you determine if this individual has the soft skills needed to succeed with your business.

4. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

If you ask this question, you can see how a job candidate views their career path. Candidates with clear goals know what they want to accomplish during their careers. This individual may see the role with your business as an opportunity to further their career. By giving this candidate an opportunity to grow with your business, you can help this individual achieve their career aspirations. On top of that, your company can reap the benefits of this individual’s hard work.

Get Ready to Find Top Talent Today!

Preparing for a job interview can be challenging on both sides. However, if you ask these questions during job interviews, you can put your business in a better position than ever to find top talent.

Lastly, if you want extra help in preparing for interviews with candidates, Elby Professional Services can assist. To get started, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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