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Looking for Employees That Best Fit Your Team? Soft Skills to Seek When Searching for Talent

You want employees that can thrive now and in the future. As you look for job candidates to fill roles across your organization, consider these individuals’ soft skills. In doing so, you can identify candidates that can quickly become difference-makers within your organization. If you hire these candidates, you can take your organization’s productivity and efficiency to new heights.  

What Are Soft Skills, and Why Are They Important? 

Skills are commonly classified into two categories: hard and soft. You can learn hard skills through classes, workshops, and other formal training programs. Plus, hard skills are measurable. Comparatively, soft skills complement hard skills. They refer to character traits or interpersonal skills to help you succeed in virtually any work environment.  

Ideally, it pays to look for job candidates that possess a great mix of hard and soft skills. A candidate may share details about their hard skills on their resume. You may be able to assess these skills during a job interview as well. Meanwhile, soft skills are difficult to assess. To find out if a candidate has your desired soft skills, it can be beneficial to consult with their professional references. You can have a candidate meet with members of your team and perform a hands-on exercise as well. This gives you an opportunity to see a candidate’s soft skills in action.  

Soft Skills to Look for in Job Candidates 

If you are looking to fill a role, you should keep a close eye out for candidates that possess the following soft skills: 

1. Communication

A good communicator listens to what others have to say and responds accordingly. This individual can disseminate information to a wide range of audiences through various media. On top of that, this individual knows how to share information in even the most challenging scenarios.  

2. Time Management

The ideal job candidate manages their time well. This candidate plans ahead and maps out their schedule. At the same time, the candidate remains flexible and is open to adjusting their schedule as needed. The candidate also understands the importance of doing their job well and getting tasks done on time.  

3. Problem-Solving

Identify job candidates that won’t shy away from problems. These candidates remain calm, cool, and collected in the face of adversity. They allocate the time, energy, and resources required to understand a problem from all angles so they can address the issue properly.  

4. Collaboration

The best job candidates are open to collaboration. They want to work with others to achieve the best possible results. Generally, it helps to show a candidate that you can offer many opportunities for collaboration with team members. If a candidate values teamwork, this individual may pounce on the opportunity to join your organization.  

Hire Job Candidates That Possess a Variety of Soft Skills 

If you are ready to hire job candidates that possess a terrific mix of hard and soft skills, partner with Elby Professional Services. We can help you identify job candidates to fill roles across your organization and assess their hard and soft skills. To learn more, please contact us today 

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