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What to Remember When You Hire Gen Z Candidates

Generation Z includes anyone born from 1997 onward. The generation is increasingly entering the global workforce. And, if you plan accordingly, you are well equipped to attract and retain Gen Z talent.  

Research indicates the Gen Z population includes more than 68 million people. Thus, if you know how to attract Gen Z talent, you can access a large talent pool. Plus, you can boost your chances of adding quality professionals that serve your organization well long into the future. On top of these things, you can hire Gen Z talent that further separates your organization from its industry rivals.  

Want to Hire Gen Z Job Candidates? Here’s What You Need to Know 

Gen Z job candidates often have a different mindset than those from other generations. If you know how to appeal to the wants and needs of Gen Z job seekers, you can foster positive relationships with them. Most importantly, you can put your organization in a great position to attract and retain Gen Z talent. 

As you start your search for Gen Z talent, here are three factors you need to consider: 

1. Your Culture

Gen Z candidates are likely to assess an organization’s culture carefully as they decide whether to accept a role. The best organizations prioritize culture. They do so by creating a mission, goals, and values and sticking to them.  

If you want to engage with Gen Z candidates, teach them about your organization’s culture. If you focus on upskilling your workforce or take other measures to help your workers grow and thrive, you can share details about these efforts. Doing so can show Gen Z candidates what your organization offers. It can help these candidates determine if your culture lines up with their expectations.  

2. Communication 

Generally, Gen Z candidates want to join organizations that put communication front and center. These organizations keep employees in the loop and provide feedback. Also, they connect with workers, make sure they are supported, and ensure that these employees can share their views and opinions without restriction.  

When you meet with a Gen Z job candidate, explain how your organization handles communications. You can discuss how employees are evaluated and reviewed and how workers can engage with one another and their superiors. It can be beneficial to give a candidate an opportunity to meet with an employee from your team to get firsthand insights into how your organization values communication.   

3. Flexibility 

Most Gen Z candidates want the ability to work schedules that won’t compromise their daily lives. These candidates recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, they will only join organizations that give their workers the flexibility that they need to succeed.  

If possible, offer remote work opportunities, flexible work schedules, and various tools and resources that give your employees autonomy. This can give your organization a competitive edge as it looks for Gen Z candidates.  

Want to Hire Gen Z Talent? Elby Professional Services Can Help 

As an extension of your organization, Elby Professional Services can help you identify the right talent to fill roles across your operations. For more information or to get started, please contact us today.    

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