Hear from some of our top clients.

What People Are Saying About Elby Professional Recruitment

I have had the opportunity to work with Elby Professional Recruitment as a hiring manager and also as a candidate and one thing that clearly stood out for me in both aspects was the professionalism and dedication of each and every member of the Elby team. The people at Elby truly understand what their clients and candidates need. As a candidate Elby approached me for a role that I had not applied for but was the perfect fit. Elby is now my number 1 choice for recruitment and job search.

Syed, VP of Finance Construction Industry

Both Karen and Antonia made me feel like a real asset and supported my career path with thoughtfulness. They really listened to what I was looking for and the opportunities really reflected that. It wasn’t long before I landed the position that suited me perfectly!

Diana, Senior Administrative Professional

From the first time I met Antonia more than 15 years ago, she impressed me with her ability to understand our recruitment needs; not only specific job requirements, but company culture and subtleties that lead to a successful hire. The Elby team have remained my ‘’go to’’ partner whether it’s a confidential search, a position that has been difficult to fill or we needed extra help with a critical vacancy.  I can trust that the candidates presented to us will meet our selection criteria … confirming that, as a client, I’ve been heard.

Michele, Human Resources Leader

The Elby team is a breath of fresh air, their timeliness, attention to detail and personable service get you the right candidates and has made them my top recruitment agency when I have a need.

Danielle, CHRL Director of HR, Construction Industry

Peter at Elby has a knack for being able to ask the “right” questions in order to understand the needs of a candidate. He is very thorough, sincere and personable. I would very much recommend Peter for anyone looking for a recruiter both for personal job assistance or as an employer.

Christine, CHRP, CHRL. HR Consultant

It is such a pleasure to work with Adam. He has been my go to for placements for the past 12 years, helping me get great candidates for accounting, finance, management, plant and IT roles. A testament to his ability to get some amazing talent and matches is that all his placements are still with us. He is brilliant at understanding and assessing people and the needs and has instilled and trained his team to do the same. He is a passionate and solid leader. I am fortunate to have Adam to turn to for all my hiring needs.

Jean, CPA, CA, CFO Manufacturing Company

Recruiting and building the best team possible is the key performance indicator for a successful C-level professional. Elby Professional Recruitment has proven themselves to be a true valued partner and resource in building strong teams for me. Adam and his team continue to provide us with engaged candidates who are a close match not only to our needs but to our corporate values. Elby believes a successful long term placement involves more than a resume, the candidate needs to be a fit for the corporate culture and vision moving forward. Unlike other firms I have dealt with in the past, Adam and his team make the effort and time investment upfront with you to understand your needs and find that perfect fit in a timely fashion.

10 years and over 40 positions including technical and senior management roles later, Elby and Adam continue to be a valued and long-term partner in the continued success and development of our Corporation.

Scott, CEO Software Company

I have been a client of Elby from both a job seeker and hiring manager perspective over the years.  Antonia is my go-to recruiter because I know she will only present me with candidates that meet my requirements.  She takes the time to understand exactly what I am looking for,both from a skill set perspective and from an organizational fit perspective.  I especially appreciate the time she takes to provide a candidate profile of the specific characteristics she feels are most relevant to the position I am looking to fill.

Nancy, CPA, Director of Finance

Elby Professional Recruitment was instrumental in my job search.

I used Elby Recruitment when I was looking for a new position in the accounting field.  I was extremely pleased with the service Peter Lister provided, and the job I was matched to was exactly what I was looking for.  Peter was professional and helpful, and provided good advice as I was going through the interview process.  Within a week of Peter’s first contact with me, I was successfully hired.  Definitely a great experience with this company!

Erica, Accountant

I had the pleasure of working with Adam. He was highly professional and focused on finding the right opportunity and fit for me. It was a great experience and I would recommend working with Adam if you are looking for the right role in your career.

Jagtar, CPA, Director of Finance, Manufacturing

Adam has reached out to me about a potential job opportunity, and when I responded to say that I was interested, he sent me the job description, and followed up with a call to discuss the position and whether or not he thought I would be a suitable candidate and whether or not this would be a good fit for both parties involved.

Further into the process, he met with me to discuss interview tips, as well as the team that could be my potential new employer. He really helped me with my nerves and had confidence that I would do well. He also gave me some pointers about what to expect, and mentioned that I could reach out to him at any point with questions or concerns.

Adam had checked in with me frequently during the interview process, and eventually gave me the good news that my #1 choice had a job offer for me!

When the offer came in, he checked in and asked if there was anything that I needed or that he could negotiate on behalf of me to ensure that the transition from my employer to this new job would run smoothly.

The whole process was very helpful, and Adam was a fantastic proxy for when the offer came in.

I really appreciated all of the time he took to get to know me personally and my needs, and find a great fit for me.

I’m really excited for this next step, and would highly recommend anyone who is looking to move into industry (from public accounting) to reach out to Adam. He is a great ally to have in your corner!

Rachel, CPA, Financial Analyst, Construction

I approached Elby a couple of months ago after quitting my job of the last three years. As part of my job search I contacted 5 or 6 different recruiters to keep my options open. A few agencies responded to me and requested a copy of my resume. Others I didn’t even hear back from, and one asked for my resume and then requested that I check in with them once a month.

I was looking for a more consultative approach, and that is exactly what I got from Elby. I was contacted by Karen Hannam, and invited to come in and discuss my past work experience, interests, and career expectations. From the very first point of contact via email my experience with Karen and Elby was nothing short of outstanding and professional. Karen was incredibly helpful, and personable. I was completely new to the recruitment process and she really coached me, and provided helpful guidance.

Karen took the time to get to know me, in order to see where I would be a good fit amongst their clients. I am now employed in a new role at a great company thanks to all of her assistance. My overall experience with Elby was incredibly positive and I would highly recommend their services to both employers, and job seekers.

Kaitlin, Administrative Professional

I highly recommend Adam at Elby Professional.  Because of Adam, I was able to find the perfect job!

Adam was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognizing my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job.  During the interview process he kept his word on turnaround time and consistently kept me in the loop.  He truly had my best interests in mind.

Thank you Adam for maintaining great professionalism and being there to help throughout the process.

Shireen, Accountant

I highly recommend Adam at Elby Professional. Adam was able help me find the perfect job!

Adam was professional and understood the kind of role I was looking for and managed to recognize the strengths in my past experiences while bringing me forward for the right job. During the interview process he was quick to keep me updated after each round and was very clear about the next steps. Any time I reached out to him regarding the process, he was prompt with his replies.

Thank you Adam for guiding me through the process and helping me advance my career.

Anderson, CFA

Peter at Elby played an instrumental role in helping me find my next career path without standing to benefit from either side of the equation. He truly listens to candidates and wants to help find them the best jobs and career moves possible.

Dana, CPA CMA, Government