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Second Interview Questions That Can Help Your Hiring Efforts

If a job candidate seems like a good fit following a first interview, schedule a follow-up meeting. During the second interview, you can learn more about the candidate, their skill set, and their experience. Several members of your team can attend the meeting. Together, team members can determine if the candidate has what it takes to fill a role with your company.

How you prepare for a second interview is key. When you get ready for your second meeting with a job candidate, put together a list of questions to ask this individual — and include these questions on your list:

Second Interview Questions That Can Help Identify a Top Candidate

1. “What strengths will you bring to this role?”

Find out how a candidate will approach the role with your company. For instance, a candidate may use examples of past work experiences to describe how he or she will thrive in a job with your business. In this instance, the candidate can explain what he or she brings. This candidate also has experience that could make him or her a valuable asset to your team.

2. “What are some of the first things you would do if you land this role?”

When you ask this question, you’ll get a good idea about how much company research a candidate has performed. Ideally, a candidate will explain how he or she will contribute to your team starting on day one. The candidate will discuss any challenges that may come up and how he or she will address these issues. Along with these things, the candidate can share details about how he or she will improve your business in the months and years to come.

3. “What can we be doing better as a company?”

Let a candidate explain ways he or she believes your company can improve. If the candidate can provide insights into improvement areas, it shows that this individual knows about your business and what it needs to do to succeed.

4. “Tell me about a time when you failed or struggled in a role. What did you learn from this experience?”

With this question, you’ll get insights into how a candidate deals with adversity. Also, keep in mind that if a candidate shies away from challenges, this individual is likely to do the same as a member of your team.

5. “Are there any questions I should have asked you but didn’t?”

Use this question at the end of a second interview to give a candidate a final opportunity to share additional information or insights with you. Consider what the candidate says carefully. A candidate who shares a thoughtful response may set himself or herself apart from the competition.

Start Preparing for a Second Interview

If you are interviewing candidates for employment, plan. The questions can help you prepare for a second interview and make the most of a follow-up meeting with a candidate. Of course, if you want extra help searching for the best job candidates, Elby Professional Recruitment can assist.

Elby offers job placement assistance to companies seeking top talent in various industries. Contact us today to find out how we can help you recruit quality job candidates.

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