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Company Research: What You Should Do Before an Interview

You want a job interview to be a success. To achieve your goal, you need to research the company you want to join. With company research, you can get the insights you need to prepare for your interview. And, when your interview gets underway, you can make a positive impression on a prospective employer.   

As you prepare for your next interview, here are five things you need to research about a company 

The Role Research Can Play in Your Job Search Efforts 

What the Company Does

It can be beneficial to look at a business’ website to learn about its products, services, and solutions. Also, you can browse the internet to get details about the business’ customers and how it supports them. With a clear understanding of what a company does, you can see how you can help the business grow and thrive. Most importantly, you can understand how your skill set aligns with the business’ mission, values, and goals.   

The Role That the Company Wants to Fill

Review the job description for the role you want to land. Consider the job requirements and what you bring to the table. This can help you prepare for job interview questions you may receive. In addition, you can share how you fill various job requirements during your interview.  

The Company’s Leadership Team

Find out about the people who work for the company. Specifically, get details about anyone who is part of the interview process. You can learn about the skills and experience of the people who will be interviewing you and determine if you are the right fit for a particular role. If you have a shared educational or work experience, you may want to bring this up during your interview. By doing so, you can connect with your interviewer and distinguish yourself from other candidates.   

The Company’s Culture

Visit the company’s social media pages to learn how the business fosters employee and community engagement. A business’ social media pages can give you a good idea about how the company operates and what it is all about. As you view a company’s social media pages, you can understand the business’ culture. This can help you see how you can fit and thrive within this culture, too.    

Recent News About the Company 

Go to the news section of a company’s website or look on its social media pages for the latest business updates. It helps to review any press releases or news articles about a company from the past few months. Doing so can give you insights that you can use during your interview. For instance, if a company recently launched a new product, you can share your views during your interview. You can even explain how you can help the company further develop or promote its product and maximize its revenues.  

Ready to Find a New Job? 

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