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The Importance of Recognizing Your Employees and Their Achievements This Holiday Season

How you treat your employees this holiday season can have long-lasting effects on your business and its workforce. If you recognize your workers and their achievements during the holidays, you may be able to make this season one your employees won’t soon forget.   

In a survey of workers across multiple industries, researchers found that 46% of respondents said they experience a boost in job satisfaction for a year or more after they get their ideal holiday gift. On top of that, about three quarters of respondents noted that their improved attitude lasts for three months or more after they get the perfect holiday gift. 

Ultimately, giving out holiday gifts is a great way to show your workers just how much you care. In the short term, doing so can help your workers celebrate the holiday season. And, in the long run, your holiday gifts can help your company keep its employees happy.  

How to Recognize Your Employees and Their Achievements This Holiday Season 

Of course, merely giving out holiday gifts will only do so much for your workers. With the right approach to holiday gift-giving, you can help improve the wellbeing of your employees in your workplace. Plus, you can boost employee satisfaction and loyalty across your workforce. 

Here are three simple and effective ways to simultaneously recognize your workers and their achievements during the holiday season and improve your chances of keeping your employees happy long into the future.  

Tailor Your Gifts to Your Workers

Resist the urge to pick up the same gift for every worker. Instead, think about what each employee likes and get a gift that he or she is sure to appreciate. If you are unsure about what gift your employee wants, just ask. Then, you can show your worker that you want to get him or her the perfect present.  

Consider that not every employee may want a gift card or other monetary reward, either. For instance, you can recognize an employee who works lots of overtime by providing extra personal time-off as a gift. By doing so, you can show this worker that you recognize their hard work during the year.  

Host a Holiday Party for All of Your Employees

Schedule a holiday celebration that both your in-house and remote workers can attend. This party should take place outside of traditional work hours if possible. That way, no employee is required to work during this time.  

Recognize your workers during your holiday party. Even taking a few minutes to express your gratitude and appreciation to each of your employees can make a world of difference. It can even transform an ordinary holiday celebration into an unforgettable one.  

 Write a Thank-You Note to Each of Your Employees

 Give each of your employees a personalized thank you note. The note does not have to be too long, but it should express how you appreciate and value your worker. And, make sure to send the worker your best wishes for the holiday season and year to come.  

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