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Value of Telling Your Employees You Appreciate Them

You couldn’t succeed without your team. How often do you let them know that? By telling your employees you appreciate them, you drive significant benefits for your organization.

Unfortunately, many employers fall short on this front. As a result, a significant chunk of the workforce can feel (or have felt) underappreciated fo their contributions.

Don’t let this happen to your team. Instead, learn how to effectively say “thank you” for all their hard work and dedication. It’s more than the right thing to do. Showing the right level of gratitude can improve your bottom line.

Not convinced? Here are some of the ways you generate value by telling your employees you appreciate them:

How to Best Tell Your Employees You Appreciate Them and Their Efforts

Encourage Engagement

Everyone wants to feel their work matters. Your employees spend eight hours each weekday (and often more) fulfilling their roles at your organization. They want to know that investment of time had an impact.

By expressing appreciation for your employees, you give them this baseline encouragement. As a result, your team will be more engaged in their work. This, in turn, will lead to increased productivity and foster innovation.

Improve Retention

We’ve seen how regular praise can lead to better job performance by encouraging increased engagement. This is just the first benefit that periodic appreciation can bring. You’ll also have a better chance of keeping your top talent longer, as employees come to have a positive emotional connection to their jobs and the company.

Maintain High Morale

Along with the business benefits of better productivity and improved retention, increased appreciation makes life better for your workers. To put it plainly, the good vibes make them feel better. One study found that increased expressions of appreciation led to reduced feelings of burnout and an increased feeling that employees are “thriving” in their lives.

These better feelings lead to a follow-on benefit. The improved emotional states of your employees become a crucial pillar of an enhanced corporate culture. In this way, it becomes a multiplying effect, radiating out to other stakeholders, like customers and business partners.

Develop Strong Employer Branding

Appreciation for your current workers can also help you draw better talent in the future. It’s like planting a seed. The cultural benefits from a strong system of recognition can make recruiting easier.

You also improve your employer brand by saying “thanks” to your employees. Like word-of-mouth advertising for a product, candidates will begin seeking you out. At the same time, your happy employees will recommend their friends and associates for your open positions. In this way, you can take advantage of networking to bring in the best talent available.

Create a Constructive Feedback System

Showing appreciation sets the tone for communication. It creates a constructive environment for conversations with your staff. Now, your team will be more open to other feedback. They also won’t be afraid of you each time you reach out, understanding that not every discussion will have a critical tone.

At the same time, a positive office mood also encourages employees to speak up. You’ll get more ideas and better feedback from them. Ultimately, this will lead to ongoing upgrades to your organization.

Want to Find New Talent for Your Organization?

Showing appreciation for your employees gets easier when you have great people on your staff. A top recruiter, like Elby Professional Services, will bring you the type of team member you’ll be rushing to thank.

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