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10 Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation This Holiday Season

The holidays are all about showing how much you care about the important people in your life. That makes it the perfect season to show appreciation to your employees.

Delivering recognition to your employees is more than a nice thing to do during a season of giving. It also represents good business. For instance, one study showed that about nine in 10 HR experts believe that recognition plays a role in increased retention.

Meanwhile, improving the general mood in your organization can lead to higher output. Data show that a happy workforce is 31% more productive. Developing a close bond with your team through proper appreciation can contribute to this positive atmosphere.

With all these benefits, don’t waste the opportunity provided by the holidays.

Here are 10 ways to show your appreciation to your employees:

Say “Thank You”

How often do you tell your employees you appreciate them? Probably not as much as they deserve. Frequently acknowledge their contributions and let them know you value them. That way, you encourage a strong bond with your team.

Host a Holiday Party

Although COVID continues to complicate in-person events, consider resuming holiday parties this year. Make sure you proceed safely but do what you can to get everyone together for a holiday bash. It will be a great way to show how thankful you are for their efforts throughout the year.

Get Families Involved

Don’t limit your appreciation to your employees. Think about the people that make it possible for your top talent to put in all the extra effort. Include families and friends in your holiday planning.

Sponsor Collective Charity Endeavors

The holidays represent a time for giving back. Show that you and your employees share the same values. Set resources aside for a combined charity effort during the final months of the year.

Allocate Funds for an Outing without You

Sad but true fact: people don’t always love to party with the boss. Your presence can take some of the joy out of a company outing. So let your workers blow off steam without you. Provide the cash but stay home yourself.

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Appreciation shouldn’t just come from the top down. Let your workers know the positive impact they have on each other. Create a holiday peer-to-peer recognition program. These shout-outs might have even more emotional impact than the ones you provide.

Provide Extra Days Off

During the holidays, focus turns away from the office and to family and friends. Facilitate that by easing the workload in the final weeks of the year. Additional days off can show how much you appreciate your workers the rest of the year.

Help with Their Shopping

Your employees face substantial time pressures during the holidays. Can you ease their burdens? Offer a personal shopping service that can help your workers find those perfect gifts without investing too much time in the process.

Give a Bonus

Nothing says “thank you” better than cash. Consider end-of-year bonuses for your top talent. This will let you show your appreciation in the most material way possible.

Gather Suggestions for Next Year

Let your employees know you appreciate their feedback. Ask them to help you set goals for the new year. With this strategy, you’ll get actionable insights, while building bonds with your team members.

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