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Why Having Open Communication with Your Employees Is Important

Collaboration represents a crucial engine in any business venture. This, in turn, gets its fuel from open communication, which facilitates teamwork, increases efficiency, and spurs innovation. That’s why encouraging the flow of feedback is vitally important for any organization.

Research has shown that open communication can contribute to measurable improvement. Teams that embrace this dynamic are 60% more likely to achieve better results in less time. Meanwhile, employees in these organizations are also 80% more likely to see a bump in emotional well-being. A separate study indicated that about six out of seven people surveyed (86%) pointed to a lack of communication as a chief stumbling block affecting business success.

Open communication with your team members can help on multiple fronts at once. Here are some of the ways this policy is important for your organization:

The Value of Open Communication in the Workplace

Discover Problems Quickly

Poor communication lets problems fester. Front-line employees get shy about reporting issues, unsure how the information will be treated by their supervisors. As a result, small stumbling blocks don’t come to light until they have become massive obstacles, no longer able to be ignored.

Boost Morale

Employees feel better when they operate in an open environment. The ability to discuss issues with management gives a sense of empowerment. By encouraging feedback and listening to suggestions, you create an open and welcoming environment, boosting worker satisfaction and morale in the process.

Higher Engagement

Employees work better when they know they can activate change within the organization. After all, if no one will listen to their suggestions, why should they think too hard about their jobs? A closed attitude towards communication only incentivizes workers to do their basic tasks, without engaging more broadly with their roles.

Bolster Diversity

Diversity and inclusion don’t apply just to hiring practices. Having a well-rounded team is only the first step. You also need to encourage a diverse set of voices. Open communication creates a supportive environment that fosters a more inclusive workspace.

Create a Deeper Sense of Team Spirit

Healthy communication doesn’t just nurture a stronger bond between management and employees. It also promotes tighter connections between coworkers. Open discussion cultivates a deep sense of team spirit, leading to better collaboration and improved loyalty.

Receive Valuable Feedback

Stimulating open communication also promotes skill development among your management team. Generating feedback from your staff allows you to pick up valuable information. You can see ways to improve your policies and procedures. Ultimately, this process promotes improvement throughout your organization.

Improve Employees’ Response to Feedback

Listening to your employees has a kind of boomerang effect. The more you open yourself up to their feedback, the more they will do the same for yours. Creating an open communication policy has a two-way impact. You’ll also see your team become more receptive to suggestions and instructions that you send in their direction.

Accelerate Innovation

To find a good idea, you often have to sift through a series of bad ones. Remember the Thomas Edison quote about unsuccessfully trying 10,000 times to invent the light bulb: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

Along these lines, employees should be encouraged to share their ideas. You never know which one will turn into the crucial step forward for your organization. Take an open approach to discussions and see your innovation blossom.

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