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Interview Questions That Might Make Candidates More Inclined to Accept if Offered

As an employer, your goal in a job interview seems simple. You want to learn as much as you can about the candidate, so you can decide whether to offer them a position. However, it’s easy to forget the other crucial aspect: you also need to sell them on your company.

The job interview gives you an excellent opportunity to achieve all of your objectives. You get a face-to-face chance to describe your company and detail the value you provide for your employees. As such, you should steer the discussion towards topics that put you in the best light.

You can do this through your choice of interview questions. Certain prompts will cement your top selling points, even as you continue to gather information about the candidate. With that in mind, here are interview questions that might make candidates more inclined to accept a job, if you eventually choose to offer it:

Interview Questions to Consider Asking Prospective Candidates

What Do You Look For Most in a Prospective Employer?

The focus of any job interview naturally falls on the person seeking a position. You can balance this power dynamic by framing questions that put the spotlight back on the company. This prompt allows the candidate to take charge of the conversation, letting them pick out the traits they value most.

Using this tactic, the prospective employee becomes more comfortable with the situation. The question builds a closer relationship with the organization, leaving the candidate with a better feeling about the interview. At the same time, you’ll learn whether your company makes a good fit for this particular candidate while gathering information about their job-seeking process.

What Do You Think Makes You a Unique Fit for This Position?

This question lets you achieve two goals at once. On a basic level, the candidate can list the traits that make them a good fit for the position. This lets you learn more about their understanding of the role and what they perceive as their top selling points.

Meanwhile, the candidate also does some of your work for you. As they describe how well they match with the job, they start to see themselves in the role. Essentially, they are selling themselves on the position even while they try to highlight their top selling points.

How Comfortable Are You With Remote Working?

Remote work has become a popular option for employees. Since the pandemic, many workers view this as their preferred method of operation — either as a full-time situation or as part of a hybrid structure.

If you’re able to offer work-at-home options, it’s best to signal that early. Here, you can spotlight a potential perk of the position. Meanwhile, you can hear whether the candidate has experience in this setting and whether they would make a good fit for a remote position.

What Could We Do to Support Your Career Development?      

Candidates don’t want to toil in the same job for the rest of their lives. Most of the top talent you’ll meet want to make improvements over time, climbing the corporate ladder and facing fresh challenges. Entice these ambitious applicants by showing how you can contribute to their d.

This question will spark a conversation about a candidate’s future plans. Unlike versions like “where do you see yourself in five years,” this formulation presents you as a partner in the potential employee’s long-term plans. The support this implies will appeal to any high-value prospect.

What Kind of Corporate Culture Do You Thrive In Most?

A snug cultural match makes a big difference. Talented, qualified candidates can fail if they are mismatched with your corporate culture. As such, best to dive into the conversation when you get a chance, making it part of your hiring process.

Here, you can prompt a more balanced conversation. Instead of detailing your culture, let the candidate list their top values. You’ll get a more honest view of their expectations, even as you grant them an additional sense of agency.

Enticing top talent into your organization takes a total effort. You need to use every tool at your disposal. A strong recruiting partner, like Elby Professional Services, can give you the edge you need to find the best team members possible.

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