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What You Really Need to Do to Support Your Hybrid Accounting and Finance Employees

The hybrid work schedule is here to stay. Following the pandemic, cutting-edge companies have come to rely on remote options to attract and retain top talent. But what do you really need to do to support your hybrid accounting and finance employees?

This has become a pressing question. One study found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of high-growth companies lean on a hybrid model for their employees. Meanwhile, not even a third of all companies (32%) predicted that they would pursue an “in-person first” model once the COVID threat passes.

There certainly are benefits to a hybrid model, especially in a crucial area like accounting and finance. You can broaden your talent pool by looking for team members in any geographic area. At the same time, you grant your employees the type of flexibility that attracts high-end performers.

The key is creating a structure that lets your accounting and finance employees thrive. Here are the steps you need to take to support your accounting and finance team operating in a hybrid model:

How to Set Up a Good Hybrid Model For Your Accounting and Finance Employees

Develop a Plan

During COVID, you likely had to create a remote-working program on the fly. You had to improvise and move quickly. Now that you have some time to consider your options, don’t rely on the same ad-lib process. Consider your goals and methodically lay out a structure that will achieve your objectives.

Focus on Communication

A hybrid working schedule puts a premium on communication. With your workers scattered to different locations, you need to keep them connected. That way, you can encourage effective collaboration. Put the right tools and policies in place to ensure your team members can talk to each other as much as necessary.

Provide Adequate Training

You can assume your accounting and finance personnel have a good foundation in accounting and finance. But don’t presuppose that they have developed an expertise in remote working.

As such, provide training materials and support to make sure that they understand how to conduct themselves in a hybrid environment. This includes detailed instructions on how to use any software you have in place for remote working. At the same time, create best practices that give them the foundation they need to succeed.

Invest in Technology

Your hybrid workers will need the proper tools in order to collaborate effectively. You need to develop a strong tech backbone to make this possible. Provide your accounting and finance team members with the hardware they need to thrive. At the same time, research the communication and workflow management software that best suits your organization.

Set Transparent Goals

Management takes on a different structure in a hybrid world. You don’t have the same face-to-face access to your employees as you once did. They become much more self-managed, and you have to give up most of your micromanaging tendencies.

As such, it becomes crucial to provide clear guidance for your accounting and finance team members. Create transparent objectives for them to achieve. Give them the support they need. But, at the same time, entrust them with many of the details on how to reach your shared goals.

Listen to Your Team

Remote work requires adjustments on both sides. Open communication makes this possible. Don’t just dictate terms to your team members. Learn about their experiences with the hybrid process. That way, you can tweak procedures as needed to optimize everyone’s ability to succeed.

Stay Flexible

With the feedback you receive from your employees, you become able to evolve over time. Meanwhile, learn about new technologies and updated best practices as they are developed. The hybrid system is here for the long haul. Stay open to updates and you’ll get the most out of the process.

Need Help Finding the Right Employees?

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