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Is Your Company Culture Attracting or Repelling Top Accounting and Finance Professionals?

A strong corporate culture is often hard to define. However, for job seekers, it often falls into the category “I don’t know how to describe it, but I know it when I see it.” For that reason, you need to make sure your culture attracts the accounting and finance professionals you need to drive your company into the future.

Culture has become a crucial concern for job seekers. One survey found that 77% of potential candidates think about the subject before applying for a job. Meanwhile, another data set found that nearly nine out of 10 job seekers (88%) consider a healthy culture central to a successful organization.

For you, this means creating the most supportive culture possible. At the same time, you need to project that value to the outside world, engaging with job candidates and convincing accounting and finance talent that they should come to your organization.

With that in mind, here are ways to judge your current culture, so you can tell whether you are attracting or repelling candidates. You’ll also learn a few tips to upgrade your workplace environment, so you can land the best accounting and finance candidates available.

How to Tell if Your Culture Is Healthy

From the inside, you might not be able to get a clear view of how job candidates view your culture. Your opinion is clouded by the insider’s perspective. As such, you need to find areas that act as accurate indicators of a healthy culture. Here are a few things to look out for:

Strong Teamwork

A healthy culture encourages a bond between employees. You’ll see it in the interactions between your staff members. On the other hand, if you observe tension and isolation in your team, you might need a cultural upgrade.

Robust Retention

If you’re curious about whether you attract the right workers, consider how well you keep your best employees. A strong workplace environment breeds loyalty. Look at your retention stats for a clue on the quality of your culture.

High Engagement

Is your workplace a hive of dynamic activity? Or a place that people tolerate between paychecks? You’ll see the value of your culture in the level of engagement among your staff.

Employees Refer Others to the Company

Imagine you find a great new restaurant. You’d recommend that to your friends, right? Think of your company the same way. You can tell you have a winning culture if your employees constantly try to get their friends and former coworkers to jump over to your organization.

Your Firm Enjoys a Good Reputation

In the age of Glassdoor and other employer review sites, you don’t have to wonder about your employer brand. You can see what current and former employees have to say. Research your online reputation to see the impression job candidates have as they apply for a position with you.

How to Improve Your Culture

Even good cultures can improve. In fact, a desire to constantly get better represents one of the signs that your firm demonstrates strong values. With that in mind, here are a few ways to push your culture forward:

  • Keep Your Core Values Clear: Define what you stand for and communicate that vision to your current and prospective employees.
  • Encourage Open Communication: Talk to your staff about culture. At the same time, ask for their opinions and listen to their concerns.
  • Support Diversity Efforts: A strong culture is welcoming and diverse.
  • Eliminate Office Politics (As Much As Possible): Although occasional tensions might flare among dedicated employees, tamp down office sniping as much as possible. Concentrate on the work and direct everyone’s ambitions towards team success.

The Right People Matter! Get Help Finding Them!

A strong culture is built through your employees. Hiring the right people makes it easier to create a dynamic workplace. A top-flight recruiting partner, like Elby Professional Services, can streamline that process.

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