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ALWAYS Include These 5 Things In Your Job Descriptions

Before considering job descriptions, let’s talk about marketing for a second. You probably invest significant resources crafting the perfect marketing materials for your products. That way, you can attract the customers who are most likely to fit for your offerings.

Now, think about the same dynamics at play in the hiring process. How much effort do you put into your job descriptions? By maximizing these first introductions to your company, you raise the chances of finding the perfect employees for you.

Creating effective job descriptions deepens your potential talent pool, makes hiring easier, and ultimately feeds into an improved team-building process. Achieving these goals takes as much art as science. But there are some basic rules you can follow to produce a winning job description to attract top candidates.

With that in mind, here are the five things you should ALWAYS include in your job descriptions:

Evocative Job Title

When candidates scroll through potential opportunities, their first introduction comes from the job title. A poorly written job title could limit your talent pool. One survey found that 64% of job seekers will pass over a posting with a confusing job title.

Avoid this issue. Make sure your title is clear and engaging. Grab their attention. Create something that will get them interested in learning more.

Think of it like creating a headline for online content. Media companies have experts figuring out the best way to get clicks. Along the same lines, devote some energy to crafting the best-possible headline for your open positions. That way, you’ll get the right candidates reading your job descriptions.

Duties and Job Summary

This section represents the core of your job description. What will your employee do? What will the day-to-day routine look like? Answers to these types of questions will guide your writing.

Again, choose your words carefully. You want to describe the position accurately. At the same time, you want to capture their attention. Let potential candidates know why they’d want to take on this role.

Requirements and Qualifications

You want to make your position sound appealing. Through your headline and your description of duties, your goal involves enticing people to apply. However, you don’t want to be inundated by unqualified applicants. It’s crucial to limit your candidate pool to people you could actually envision hiring.

To do this, you need to make the requirements and qualifications for the position clear. List the must-have hard skills necessary to perform the job. In addition, add the soft skills that you’d most like to see in a candidate.

Compensation and Benefits

You don’t need to reveal every detail of a compensation package in your job description. In some ways, this can be a mistake. Competitors can see what you’re offering and adjust accordingly.

That said, you should provide some information in your posting. Job seekers need to know the general range of salary they should expect. This will signal whether you are looking for entry-level candidates or individuals with a higher skill level.

At the same time, listing benefit categories will help entice top talent. Offerings like health insurance or 401(k) options will make you an attractive target for the best applicants.

Description of Company Culture

Cultural fit makes a difference. You want candidates who share your values and vision.

Talk about culture explicitly in your job postings. Let job seekers know what you’re about as an organization. Tell them what traits you want most and what vibe you want to foster at your company.

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