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Why You Need to Work with a Recruiter to Find Your Next Executive

Filling executive roles represents a tricky process. You can’t just place online ads, like when you hire an entry-level employee. The complexity of market makes working with a recruiter an excellent way to maximize your chances of finding the perfect leader for your organization.

The executive search industry has grown substantially over the past decade. It now generates $15.6 billion in annual revenue. That figure represents 50% growth compared to 2012.

But does a recruiter represent the right decision for you? Here are a few reasons why you should work with a recruiter to find your next executive:

4 Reasons to Work With a Recruiter When Hiring Executives

Speed Your Search

Finding the perfect executive for your organization can become a time-consuming slog. These hires are crucial to your future. They will provide the leadership you need to compete – as such, you want to discover the ideal candidate.

Still, you can’t conduct an infinite search. You also need to find someone quickly, so they can begin contributing to the executive team.

A recruiter can help reconcile these conflicting needs. Working with a staffing partner accelerates your executive search, making sure you find the right person for the job in as little time as possible.

Create an Instant Short List

Much of the wasted time in an executive search comes early in the process. You have to work through a stack of potential candidates before narrowing your selection to the real contenders.

What if you could just skip that early effort? What if you could just fast-forward to your short list, so you only have to talk to candidates who have a reasonable chance of becoming your next executive?

You get that advantage through a recruiter. Because they work with a deep database of potential candidates, they can apply your needs to a wide variety of possible hires. Very quickly, you can tap into an optimized short list of prime executive talent.

Get Additional Expertise

It bears repeating: this is a big decision. Bringing in the wrong executive can set back your operations and rob you of innovation. The more feedback you can find, the better.

A top recruiter provides this expert guidance. Depending on the size of your operation, you might not conduct executive searches very often. A good staffing partner will have the background and experience to direct your process towards the optimal outcome.

Improve the Culture Fit

An executive does more than fill a role. Unlike a frontline employee, who typically fulfills limited tasks, a leadership position takes on broader implications. You need a manager who will fit into your culture.

More than that, you need someone who can execute your values on the highest level. You want your executive hire to contribute to cultural development over time.

These abilities aren’t always obvious in the recruitment stage. It underlines another advantage of a good staffing partner. You’ll be better able to find a cultural match. To make sure you can secure your brand and meet challenges for years to come.

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