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5 Benefits of Hiring Entry-Level Professionals

Make a wish list for your ideal job candidate. Likely near the top: lots of relevant experience. But should it be? There are plenty of reasons to seek out entry-level professionals.

The definition of this category of worker changes based on the situation. In fact, a lack of experience doesn’t always enter into consideration. A study found that 61% of full-time entry-level jobs actually require at least three years of experience.

Meanwhile, many high-quality candidates end up in entry-level roles. Studies have found that many university graduates are underemployed — meaning they aren’t using their full complement of skills at their current post.

You can take advantage of these market inefficiencies. By seeking out entry-level professionals for certain tasks, you can make the most out of your resources.

Here are Five Benefits You Get From Hiring Entry-Level Professionals:

Lower Costs

Let’s face it: the term “entry-level” is usually code for “lowest salary.” These positions let candidates start their careers at the company and hopefully grow from there.

As a result of this dynamic, hiring entry-level workers represents your most cost-effective move.

Look around at the tasks you need completed in a given day. How many of them can be done by entry-level workers? They might need to be trained and supervised to do the job. But if you can turn to these low-cost workers, you can reduce your overall expenses.

Generational Diversity

Entry-level workers tend to be younger. This isn’t always true, of course, and you should consider any qualified applicant for your starter roles. But the typical candidate for these positions is closer to the start of their career than to the end.

As a result, hiring entry-level workers has the natural tendency to add generational diversity to your team. You can tap into the Gen-Z talent pool, bringing new perspectives and fresh ideas into your organization.

Long-Term Growth Potential

When you hire a mid-career candidate, you largely know what you’re going to get. Their skills and experience are well established and on display on their resumes.

Entry-level applicants create more of a mystery. They have hidden talents and skills they haven’t mastered yet. You have the opportunity to tap into these at a relatively low cost.

Of course, getting the most out of newcomers to the labor market requires patience and investment. To maximize their output, you’ll need comprehensive training and a willingness to nurture their talents. But with the right support, you can see surprising returns.

Next-Gen Competencies

Newcomers have a particular benefit that’s often overlooked, despite being completely obvious: they’re new. Many entry-level candidates are just out of school and launching their careers for the first time.

While they lack professional experience, they may have other competencies that you can use. These applicants could have familiarity with technology and techniques that might not have existed the last time your veteran employees took a class.

Youth Perspective

You want to reach out to all parts of the market. That means tapping into young consumers — people that might be outside your everyday experience. However, these potential buyers represent close friends and peers to many of your entry-level employees. They can give you the insights you need to appeal to a broader demographic.

Even if your entry-level hires aren’t in the Gen-Z category, you can use these positions to capture the value of diversity. By bringing in broad perspectives, you increase your ability to communicate to all potential consumers.

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