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3 Issues Impacting the Talent Pool in 2024

2024 represents a year of challenges and opportunities for the global talent pool. If you know what issues impact top talent, you can map out your recruitment efforts accordingly. Most importantly, you’ll be able to position your organisation as a top choice for job candidates. And you may be able to generate lots of interest in vacant roles across your operations. 

Now, let’s look at three of the biggest challenges impacting the talent pool in 2024, along with ways to address these issues. 

1. Excessive Student Loans

The average public university tuition in Canada totals nearly C$7,000, according to research. Many students take out loans to cover their university costs. Once they graduate, these students must find jobs to earn money they can use to pay off their loans. If they don’t, they risk falling behind on loan payments. Depending on their loan interest rates, these individuals may wind up spending big to pay off their outstanding debt for many years after they graduate. 

As an employer, you can offer benefits to entry-level professionals and others who are dealing with student loan debt. 

For example, you can provide student loan repayment assistance as part of your benefits package. Doing so can help your organisation differentiate itself from others. It’ll also show top job candidates that you want to help them repay their student loans as quickly as possible. 

2. Burnout at Work

Workplace burnout is a major problem for many organisations. In a recent survey, 77% of respondents said they have experienced burnout in their current job. Along with this, over half of survey respondents noted they have suffered burnout symptoms more than once. 

To address burnout at work, be proactive. Then, you’ll be able to help employees deal with burnout symptoms before they escalate. 

Teach your workers about burnout and all it entails. You can also provide resources and tools to help employees who may be dealing with burnout symptoms. 

Additionally, keep the lines of communication open with your workers. This allows you to foster a positive work environment and culture. It may help your organisation attract top talent who want a job where they enjoy who they work with and what they do. 

3. Anxiety About Job Security

There is widespread anxiety about job security among professionals around the world. You cannot change the fact that employees may feel anxious about their jobs. On the other hand, you can do things to help your workers feel like key contributors to your organisation’s success. 

Recognize employees for a job well done. When you do, your workers may see that you’re proud of them. This can help your workers focus on their day-to-day activities over their job security. 

Communicate with your employees about their job performance as well. Host regular meetings with workers to discuss their performance. This helps you give workers feedback that can help them perform their best. 

Add to Your Talent Pool in 2024

The team at Elby Professional Recruitment understands the issues affecting the talent pool in 2024. We are happy to help you recruit quality job candidates to fill a wide range of roles. To get started, contact us today. 

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