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How a Contractor Position Might Be Right for You!

Looking to accelerate your professional development? A contract position might represent the perfect opportunity. Rather than lock into a permanent position, you can take advantage of a unique chance to develop new skills and meet new people.

Decades ago, the stereotypical career went something like this: 1) get a job with a large company, 2) hold that position for 40 years, 3) retire. Those days are long gone. The rise of the gig economy has made the working world far less rigid, creating a significant opportunity to build your career with contractor positions.

It’s important to view this part of the economy as more than earning a little extra cash from Uber or DoorDash. Instead, the concept of freelance or contract work has become popular in almost every industry, from healthcare to accounting to almost every imaginable profession. As companies become more comfortable offering contractor roles in various capacities, it gives you an opening to drive your career forward while maintaining more flexibility and control.

Want more information? Here are some of the reasons why a contractor position could be right for you:

The Benefits That Can Come With Contractor Opportunities!

Get More Flexibility

A full-time position comes with significant stability. At some points in your career, that can be an amazing draw. However, other times call for maximum maneuverability — one of the core benefits of a contractor position.

Taking contract work lets you keep your options open. This lets you read the market and react to changing conditions. This flexibility opens your horizons, giving you the broadest possible alternatives as you choose your career path.

Maintain More Control

Being a contract worker essentially turns you into a small business. Instead of working for a single employer, you become a vendor, selling your labor and expertise. As a result, you become your own boss, giving you more control over various aspects of your career.

Set Your Own Schedule

The added autonomy that comes with contract work is particularly obvious in your day-to-day routine. You have much more say in your daily schedule. This lets you set hours that fit in with the rest of your life.

Learn New Skills

Operating as a contractor often leads to more movement. You can work in different situations and delve into various environments. As a result, you’ll gain significant experience that will pay off in a broad toolbox you can apply to future assignments.

This dynamic makes contractor positions an excellent learning experience. You can pick up a broader array of skills than you would if you were repeatedly grinding out the same job in a full-time position. Over time, this gives you a chance to accelerate your career and open the door to even better opportunities down the road.

Build Your Resume

Along with new skills, you’ll add bullet points to your resume. Each stop gives you an opportunity to expand your work history. In a relatively short period of time, you can acquire experience that will let you unlock new levels of your career.

Get to Know Different Employers

Contract positions often have the chance to become permanent. The freelance situation lets you get to know a prospective employer before you lock into anything permanent. This provides a “try it before you buy it” structure, allowing you to learn about the various players in your industry.

Expand Your Network

Beyond getting to know particular companies, a contract strategy opens the door to significant networking opportunities. Instead of locking into a group of coworkers, like you would with a staff position, you’ll get to collaborate with various people at various companies. In this way, you’ll quickly expand your web of connections.

Looking to See if a Contractor Position is Right for You?

Ready to start looking for contract work? A top recruiter, like Elby Professional Services, can help. You’ll find the perfect opportunities for this point in your career.

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