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6 Signs Contract Accounting Or Finance Work Is Best for Your Lifestyle

Some people thrive in a structured, predictable environment. Others want something with more variety and flexibility. For the right lifestyle, contract accounting and finance work can offer the perfect fit.

But what system works best for you?

It sounds like the kind of personality test that could appear as part of a Buzzfeed quiz. But it actually represents a serious question for arranging not only your professional ambitions but your personal life as well.

To get the most out of your time and effort, you need a career structure that suits you. With that in mind, here are six signs that contract accounting and finance work might represent the best choice for your lifestyle:

Six Signs it is Time to Consider Contract Work

You Want a Flexible Schedule

Feel stifled in a traditional 9-to-5 position? Or do you have other responsibilities outside of work that you need to prioritize? A contract position can give you the flexibility you need.

Here’s just a short list of the situations that can make contracting the perfect option for certain accounting and finance professionals:

  • Taking care of kids
  • Looking after a sick relative
  • Continuing your education
  • Earning additional cash in retirement
  • Feeling burned out

You Like Meeting New People

Contracting works well for extroverts. Introverts can excel also. But outgoing, friendly people get the extra benefit of meeting a new set of coworkers for each contract situation.

The desire to meet new people isn’t just a personality trait. It also serves a practical advantage.

The people you meet during your contract assignments become connections in your networking web. Building relationships with a diverse set of coworkers in your contracting career gives you a head start in future job searches down the road.

You Enjoy Working with New Organizations

Not ready to commit? That trait might cause you problems in your personal life but it doesn’t have to hold back your career. You can find excellent accounting and finance positions without locking into a particular company.

Contract opportunities let you spend time with different organizations. You can learn what you like in an employer and what you don’t like. You’ll get useful institutional knowledge you can apply later in your career. You’ll also learn a lot about your preferences, making it more likely that you’ll be happier if you decide to grab a longer-term positions in the future.

You Need to Fill In Your Resume

If you’re starting your career or getting back to work after an absence, your recent work history might look rather sparse. To reestablish yourself, it helps to earn a few bullet points on your resume. Contracting can make that possible.

These positions also let you target particular skills or types of experiences. For example, imagine you add a new professional certification. You’ll need practical experience to back that up. A contract position can help you add that key component.

You’re Looking for Supplemental Income

Maybe you have a job you love already. However, you could use some extra cash. A contract position can give you the additional income you need.

Through contracting, you can find positions with flexible schedules and varying levels of time commitment. As such, it’s possible to pick up extra work, even while you hold other positions.

You Need a Change of Pace

Sometimes, you just need to break out of old habits. If your current position has you down or you’re not sure what your next career has developed as it should, a contract position can provide the bridge to the rest of your career.

Need Help Getting Connected To Great Contract Positions?

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