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Why You Need to Be Careful with Your Personal Social Accounts

Social media often represents an escape, a place to vent about your problems or pass the time when bored. It can seem like another world. However, it can have serious consequences in the real world. That’s why you need to be careful with your social accounts.

To put it simply, your bosses might be watching. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder presented some significant findings about how employers use social media. The study showed that 57% of companies have passed on a job candidate because of information found on social media. Meanwhile, just over a third (34%) have reprimanded or terminated a staff member due to content posted online.

Those stats suggest that a lot can be at stake with each tweet or Facebook post. However, you don’t need to fear your employer discovering your social media feeds. You need to realize the potential threat to your career and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself.

How Social Media Can Impact Your Job

First, it’s important to realize the hazard you face with your social media presence. As we’ve seen, your job could be at stake. Here are a few common issues that can lead to trouble with your employer:

  • Publicizing Embarrassing Behavior
  • Controversial Comments
  • Complaints about Your Boss/Coworkers
  • Signs You Fudged Your Resume

The key here is understanding that anything you post on social media could become public. A problematic post could be shared or liked even if your boss or the HR department doesn’t catch it on your feed. Something you regret could go viral.

Assume people at work will track down your social media feed. Post content accordingly. If you avoid some of the abovementioned traps, you shouldn’t face a problem in your professional life.

How to Fit Social Media with Your Career

We’ve looked at the way social media can harm your working life. The wrong post can put your job at risk. However, don’t think of you online presence merely as a danger. It also provides an opportunity.

You can use social media to boost your career. Correctly used, it can become an asset rather than a potential time bomb. Here are a few steps you can take to turn your online posts to your professional benefit:

Make Your Personal Social Media Accounts Private

Limit access to the accounts you use for personal matters. This can include using higher privacy settings or operating under a pseudonym. This way, you lower the chances that someone at your employer will discover your feeds.

Develop a Professional Online Profile

For social media accounts meant for the general public, create an online persona that will help your career. Use these feeds to trumpet your professional successes and showcase your value for employers.

Use Social Media for Career Advancement

Take a more active approach. Leverage your social media presence to create opportunities. The operative word here is “social.” Let your accounts open the door to new chances to network.

At the same time, social media provides a great chance to gather information. Research potential employers and gather new insights about your industry.

Looking to Further Showcase Your Skillset and Personal Brand to Employers?

You need every advantage when you look for a new job. This includes getting the most out of your social media presence. At the same time, look for additional help from Elby Professional Services. You’ll find the ideal employer for your skills and background.

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