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LinkedIn: How Continuing to Build Your Profile Can Help Your Job Search

As people increasingly live their lives online, a strong social media presence has become an important tool for career advancement. But are you doing enough to build your LinkedIn profile and support your job search?

Ambitious, accomplished professionals tend to focus on LinkedIn profiles as the best way to impress potential employers. One study showed that managers update their profiles 3.6 times a year, or roughly every 14 weeks. What’s more, this group spent more time on their LinkedIn pages than they did polishing their resumes. The figures showed they updated their online info almost 6% more often then they reviewed their traditional resumes.

Why does this career-minded group concentrate on LinkedIn? Well, for one thing, employers notice the effort. Another data set found that about two-thirds of employers reviewed a candidate’s LinkedIn profile before making a firm offer.

A strong LinkedIn presence can help you in multiple ways at once. Here are some of the ways continuing to build your LinkedIn profile can help any job search:

Why Maintaining Your LinkedIn Profile Can Help Your Search Efforts

Easy way to document career progress

Why do people update their LinkedIn profiles more often than their resumes? There’s one obvious reason: the process is extremely easy. Spend 10 minutes every few months and you’ll be ready for any career opportunity.

Prepare to be recruited

Companies often target passive talent. Rather than wait for resumes to arrive after posting a job description, proactive firms seek out strong candidates. They hunt LinkedIn to find ideal matches for their open positions. Staying current with your work history maximizes your chances of getting discovered.

Impress prospective employers

During a job search, most employers are likely to move beyond your submitted resume. Your LinkedIn page lets you expand on the documentation you’ve already sent. Optimizing your online presence raises your chances of landing any job that you apply to.

Provide the best info for professional contacts

LinkedIn profiles aren’t just used for prospective employers. When you encounter someone new in a professional setting, their first stop will likely be to check out your profile. A strong online presence acts as a powerful introduction, letting you cement work relationships as efficiently as possible.

Increase your networking ability

A strong LinkedIn profile also aids your traditional networking efforts. You can use it as a resource for making and strengthening ties within your web of connections. That way, you’ll be prepared for any job search, tapping into your LinkedIn-supported network to find a great opportunity.

Here are some ways to leverage your online presence to support your general networking process:

  • Turn IRL introductions into LinkedIn connections
  • Connect with former coworkers
  • Reach out to family and friends
  • Maximize your personal brand

Go beyond the profile

There’s more to your profile than an online version of your resume. You can take a more active approach to your LinkedIn presence. Beyond just keeping your work history updated, you can use other parts of the platform to further boost your job search. Here’s how:

  • Personalize connection requests
  • Post regularly on LinkedIn
  • Share articles and other content
  • Engage with others

When you launch a job search, you need to leverage every tool you have. Along with your LinkedIn profile and traditional networking, turn to a strong recruiting partner, like Elby Professional Services. You’ll get the expert guidance you need to optimize your career options.

Contact Elby today to find your next professional opportunity.

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