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Create a More Inclusive Work Environment for You and Your Coworkers with These Tips

An inclusive workplace has become an important draw for top talent. But you can’t rely on your company to achieve this key goal on its own. It’s up to everyone to encourage a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

One study found that 80% of employees sought out companies that valued inclusion. At the same time, about half of workers feel their current employers fall short of their expectations.   

Of course, management needs to do its part. But you can encourage improved inclusivity as well. But how do you accomplish this? Here are some tips that will help you create a more inclusive work environment for you and your coworkers:  

Ways to Promote Inclusivity for All in a Work Environment

Prioritize Inclusion 

Make creating an inclusive culture part of your explicit goals. By prioritizing it as a stated objective, it will become a consideration as you go about your daily routine. At the same time, you’ll keep it in mind when you have a decision-making role — opening the door to budget allocations and delivering additional resources to the endeavor. 

Learn about Inclusion and Diversity 

If you want to participate in the discussion surrounding inclusion, you should learn as much as possible. By becoming an informed employee, you can actively participate in the process. At the same time, you can steer your managers towards resources that can help them develop policy. 

Train Your Managers 

Most training travels from the top down. However, you can encourage inclusion by pushing your supervisors to include the topic in their overall thinking. Obviously, you don’t want to become confrontational. But you can take steps to bring your managers into the process. 

Look for ways to gently educate your supervisors about inclusion goals and about the best practices for achieving these objectives. Moreover, support making this process part of the ongoing routine. Regular updates and refreshers will help make it part of the broader corporate culture. 

Live Inclusion on a Daily Basis 

Integrate the goals of inclusion into your regular work routine. By doing this, you can signal your buy-in to the overall process. These steps will make your commitment clear, providing an example for others and keeping the process alive. 

After all, it’s important that the dedication to inclusion gets disseminated throughout your organization. As a front-line employee, you prevent the topic from becoming a top-level decision that withers in the C-Suite. Rather, take the necessary steps to make it a priority in the firm as a whole. 

Try to Include More Voices 

When building a team to work on a project or when choosing coworkers for a collaboration, keep inclusion in mind. A diverse working group will give you a variety of viewpoints and perspectives. Not only will this promote diversity in general, but the broader input should improve the end product.  

Participate in the Communication Process 

If you’re looking to increase inclusiveness in your organization, you need to participate in an inclusive process. That means getting involved in developing and enacting policies. In other words, providing your feedback when it’s asked for and encouraging others to do the same. 

Are you doing all you can to be inclusive in the work environment?

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