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Mental Health Tips to Help Accountants Thrive During Busy Season

Here’s something you don’t need to be told: tax season creates stress for accountants. However, you might need to hear some related information. Namely, how you can thrive during the busy season while keeping your mental health intact.

Under normal conditions, most jobs create some level of stress. Data cited by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that nearly three-quarters of adults (71%) suffered from at least one symptom of stress. Add a looming government deadline and a long list of anxious clients — you can image how that stat skyrockets.

Even with this seemingly crushing anxiety, it’s possible to keep your spirits up, your mind clear, and your performance at its highest level. It just takes some self-care and self-awareness. Here are some mental health tips for accountants to thrive this busy season:

How to Thrive This Busy Season

Commiserate with Your Coworkers

Everyone around you is facing the same busy season. As a result, you’re not alone in your stress. Use your fellow accountants as a resource to get past the anxiety.

Simply talking about the challenges you face during the busy season can make the hectic schedule more manageable. You are surrounded by potentially sympathetic coworkers, all dealing with similar circumstances. Find ways to band together to make this time easier to handle — and less lonely.

Talk to Your Supervisors

Your coworkers make for a sympathetic audience. However, you might not feel the same sense of openness with your supervisors. After all, admitting you feel overwhelmed might not put you first in line for the next promotion.

That said, your managers have a quality your coworkers lack: they can do something about your problems. In certain circumstances, your supervisors can provide you with added resources and support. These solutions could ease your burden and make for a better busy season.

Don’t Ignore Your Health

Long hours stuck at your desk — not exactly conditions designed for healthy living. But a concentration on your body can help you survive the onslaught that comes during an accountant’s busy season.

Healthy choices will give you sustainable stamina. Meanwhile, taking time for activities like working out and meditation can lower stress levels. Here are a few tips to keep your body going and protect your mental health:

  • Exercise
  • Make Time to Rest and Relax
  • Try to Get Enough Sleep
  • Don’t Rely on Fast Food

Concentrate on Your Current Task

Sometimes, thinking about the full range of what you need to accomplish in a short period of time can accentuate the stress. Looking at your stack of pending tasks is enough to spark a panic attack.

But you can’t complete everything at once. Take your duties one at a time and keep your mind on your immediate goal. You’ll get through the busy season one equation and data entry at a time.

Make Plans for When the Busy Season Ends

Close your eyes. Let the stress slip away and focus on a vision: a beach, a sunset, a Mai Tai. Now, you have to open your eyes again and focus on pounding through those spreadsheet. But wasn’t having that vision nice?

Creating a post-busy season goal will keep you going. Plan something fun for when things calm down. That prospect will help keep you going during the stressful run.

Remember: It Will Be Over Soon

Tax season won’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll be able relax a bit and start planning that summer vacation.

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