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10 Tips For Accountants Job Searching While Still Employed

We know the feeling. You feel stuck in your current accounting position. You want a change, but don’t want the uncertainty of being unemployed. How do you search for a better job while keeping your current one just in case?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to expand your horizons. Don’t feel guilty about looking for something better – this isn’t like cheating in your romantic relationships. It’s just part of the process of building a career as an accountant.

But you do need to take a tactful approach. Get too brazen about your job search and you might end up losing the position you have. Stay too much under the radar and you’ll never find the upgrade you’re looking for.

To locate the perfect way forward, here are 10 tips for accountants who are job searching while still employed:

Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

If you have a job, you may have gotten lazy about keeping your resume and LinkedIn profile fresh. Time to update it. Make sure it has all your up-to-date skills and experiences.

Keep Your Job Search Quiet

Don’t broadcast your ambitions. As you look for a new job, don’t discuss the search with either your coworkers or your boss. If you don’t find another gig, you’ll want to maintain good relationships with those around you.

Don’t Look While at Work

Scrolling through job postings on the job is a good way to get caught. It also shows bad manners as well. Look for a new job on your own time.

Don’t Use Company Resources

Along the same lines, don’t search for a new position while using resources provided by your current employer. This includes not using your company-issued laptop or phone.

Selectively Tap Your Network

Networking represents a key way of finding a better job. However, you need to be careful. Since you’re trying to keep your search quiet, you can’t use all of your connections. Choose people who have the best chances of helping, but can also maintain your privacy.

Be Able to Explain Why You Want a New Job

Any prospective employer will want to know why you’re looking for a change. Be prepared to answer that question.

Don’t Smear Your Current Employer

As you explain your desire to find a new accounting job, don’t bad mouth your current employer. Interviewers will see that as a red flag. Instead, give your job search a positive spin, with phrases like “I’m looking for new challenges.”

Watch Your References

As with your network, you don’t want your references to blow your cover. You’ll need to find good contacts that don’t include your current boss or your current coworkers.

Maintain Your Performance Levels

Sure, you’ve soured on your current job. But you need to keep doing it well. A strong performance will help your case with prospective new employers. At the same time, you want to keep the option open of staying at your established position.

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