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Make the Most of Your Day! How to Master A Hybrid Work Schedule

Done right, a hybrid work model lets you get the most out of both your home life and your career. However, mastering this type of schedule takes some adjustment.

The pandemic prompted a seismic shift in the way many companies conduct business. Lots of firms flocked to remote working schedules during the COVID lockdowns. A large chunk of these are planning to continue with the model as the economy opens up again.

In fact, hybrid structures have become the choice for the vast majority of next-gen innovators. One study showed that nearly two-thirds (63%) of high growth companies use a mix of in-the-office and remote options.

If you want to succeed at these thriving organizations, you need to become a pro at hybrid working. Here are some tips to master these schedules:

How to Master Your Hybrid Work Schedule

Maximize Your In-Office Opportunities

In a hybrid model, you’ll spend much of your time working remotely. However, you’ll still have some days devoted to in-office activities. Make the most of these opportunities.

Don’t just get your assigned work done on these trips to the office. Take advantage of the chance to collaborate in person with your colleagues. It’s a great time to build team spirit, as well as stretch your networking skills.

Stay Organized

Working from home comes with its share of traps. It’s easy to get distracted. Family members, pets, household chores — you don’t have the same work-only bubble that you get in an office setting.

In these conditions, it’s up to you to create your own organization. You’ll need to motivate yourself and maintain your concentration.

Create an At-Home Workspace

Have a dedicated workspace in your home for your remote days. Get away from the hustle-bustle of the rest of the house, so you can avoid distractions. Also, it should be a place that’s comfortable enough that you can work for a sustained period of time…but not so comfortable that you have trouble staying focused.

Setting up an efficient work area also involves having the right technical tools. Check that you have adequate broadband speed for the job you’re trying to accomplish. Also, you should consider having backup plans if you suffer a glitch.

Remain Connected

In a hybrid schedule, you’ll have less contact with your coworkers. You won’t have those casual conversations and breakroom run-ins to build relationships. Instead, you’ll need to find other ways to stay connected.

Touch base with your coworkers. Ask them if they need help. Reach out for advice and look for ways to collaborate. More than anything, find ways to discuss non-work subjects as well, building a close bond, despite the physical separation.

Maintain Strong Work/Life Balance

A hybrid model tends to blur the boundaries between your home life and your work life. Just as you’ll be tempted to finish household activities during working hours, you might drift into work mode when you should be concentrating on friends and family.

With your new remote schedule, don’t let work overtake your home life. You’ve earned some new flexibility in the hybrid system. Yet, you should still hold some aspects of your personal life apart from work, so that you can get the most out of the situation.

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