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Interview Techniques to Hire Candidates That Align with Your Company Culture

You want your employees to complement your company culture. To find these workers, you need to evaluate their cultural fit during the interview process. This is often easier said than done. However, there are interview techniques you can use to hire candidates who will thrive within your business’ culture. 

Here are three interview techniques your business can use to assess a candidate’s fit within your business’ culture. 

1. Asking a Candidate to Describe Your Company Culture

To grow your company culture, you must find employees who’ll support it. By asking a candidate to share their thoughts and opinions about your business’ culture, you’ll get a glimpse into how well this individual understands your company and what it’s all about. 

Ideally, a candidate will perform research before your interview. This individual may learn about your company culture based on your business’ website and social media accountants. A candidate may also discuss your business with colleagues who currently work for your company. If this candidate is asked about your culture, they should have no trouble accurately describing it. 

Conversely, if a candidate is unsure about your business’ culture, this may be a red flag. The candidate may be unaware of what your culture entails. At this point, you can describe your culture and get the candidate’s thoughts and opinions about it. Or, you may want to consider candidates who were willing to learn about your company and its culture prior to their interview. 

2. Discussing the Structure of Your Team

A candidate should fit well within your team structure. To find out if a candidate can succeed within this structure, ask them about their perfect manager. From here, the candidate can share details about the type of manager they want to lead them. 

Generally, a candidate’s response will help you understand how this individual wants to be managed. If the response lines up with your organisation’s team structure, the candidate may be a great fit within your organisation. 

3. Analysing a Candidate’s Ability to Deal with Challenges

Challenges are common in any job. As you evaluate a candidate’s cultural fit, ask them how they deal with challenges. This will give you a good idea into how this individual faces adversity. 

It may be beneficial to provide a candidate with a work-related challenge and ask them to describe how they will handle it. That way, you’ll be able to learn how this individual approaches challenges. If the candidate’s approach mirrors the one you encourage your employees to take, you may want to move this individual along in the interview process. 

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