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Your Resume and Automation: What You Can Do

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people search for jobs. Now, you can use OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other generative AI-powered chatbots to automatically create a resume. On top of that, these chatbots can help you take your existing resume to the next level.

AI-powered chatbots are helpful tools for crafting the perfect resume. Here are some ways you can use AI chatbots to revamp your resume.

How to Leverage Your Resume for Automation

1. Craft a Personalized Summary

A personalized summary tells a prospective employer who you are as both an individual and a professional. The summary should be brief and easy to understand. Yet, writing a personalized summary can be difficult.

Now, you can share information about who you are and what you’re all about with AI chatbots. Doing so can automatically produce a personalized summary that you can use on a resume.

Of course, if you utilize AI for your resume’s personalized summary, read through the summary. It is crucial to ensure that the summary aligns with the job you want to land and your career goals. If you need to tweak an AI-created summary, feel free to do so to make sure that it accurately represents you.

2. Produce an SEO-Friendly Resume

Employers will include specific keywords and phrases in job postings. If you include these keywords and phrases in your resume, you can optimize it for search. This can help employers find your resume and boost your chances that they will actually read it.

AI can help you craft a resume that’s search engine optimization friendly. For instance, you can provide an AI chatbot with details about the job you want to land. By sharing the job posting with the chatbot, it can produce a resume that includes relevant keywords and phrases from the posting.

3. Simplify Your Resume

If you have a resume that’s several pages long, AI can help you simplify it. You can use an AI chatbot that removes unnecessary words and phrases from your resume. The chatbot can revise your resume content to the point where you have a one-page resume that hits the mark with dozens of prospective employers.

You can leverage AI to simplify your cover letter as well. If you want to create a cover letter that showcases your talent, you can share a draft of your cover letter with an AI chatbot. At this point, the chatbot can help you refine your cover letter. And your new cover letter may help you stand out from many other job candidates.

The Bottom Line on Your Resume and Automation

AI chatbots are revolutionizing job searches. They can help you quickly and easily craft a resume tailored to any job. Regardless, you must be careful when you utilize an AI chatbot.

Even if you use an AI chatbot, you’ll still have to interview for a job. On top of that, you will need to remain in contact with prospective employers, submit your job application materials on time, and do everything in your power to put yourself in the best position to land your dream job.

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