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Job Searching is More Than Finding A New Role! 4 Ways to Make Your Search More Targeted

A job search can take a long time. The typical process can take three to six months, with some candidates enduring substantially longer journeys. This can create significant stress, encouraging you to grab any position that comes along.

However, this haste can lead to serious mistakes. One study found that nearly three-quarters of younger workers (72%) have regretted a new job they have started. That means wasting away in an unhappy position or starting the process all over again.

You can avoid that fate. By taking a broad view of the job-search process, you can make a better match. Here’s how you can go beyond the basic role and make your hunt more targeted:

Forming More Targeted Searches for Your Next Prospective Candidates

Know what you want

Before you go into a job search, think about what you really want. Imagine your ideal situation, weighing every aspect of the position. Take into considerations, like:

  • Location
  • Schedule
  • Career Development
  • Culture

Once you have a total picture, prioritize each feature. (You’re probably not going to find a job that scores high in every category, so you should know which ones are most important to you.) This wish list will let you target the opportunities that fit you best.

Dive into research

Go beyond job postings. Scrolling through job sites represents a good start to your job search but you should view this as a launching pad. From there, you should dig deeper into the opportunities and into individual companies.

This research will help you organize your time better. You’ll be able to recognize the best situations for you to pursue aggressively and which ones deserve less investment of time and effort.

Here are a few paths you can follow as you look for more information:

  • Company Websites
  • News Stories
  • Social Media
  • Employer Review Sites
  • Personal/Professional Contacts

Use your network

Getting an insider’s view can bring significant insight to your job search. When you’re looking for information beyond the basic requirements of a position, it helps to know someone with experience inside the company. That way, you hear all the details — from broad information on company policies to the gossip about individual coworkers and managers.

A sturdy professional network makes all this possible. Some estimates say that up to 85% of jobs come through networking. By connecting with a wide variety of contacts, you increase your chances of finding tidbits. These small pieces of info can sway your decision-making process and focus your job search.

Aim at specific companies

A typical job search revolves around finding open positions. You scan websites for listings and apply to whatever firms need help at the current moment.

That process drastically narrows the list of potential employers. Rather than sift through listings and hope your ideal professional match appears, take a more directed approach. Instead, find organizations that you admire and would want to work for, then form a relationship from there.

Not all open positions get listed on traditional job sites. As a result, targeting specific companies can open hidden opportunities. However, even if there are no employment openings at the moment, you can play the long game. Nurture a connection with a strong organization and reach the top of their hiring list once something becomes available.

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