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The Benefits of In-office Finance and Accounting Jobs

Remote work has become a key talking point following the pandemic. Many finance and accounting professionals spent the COVID lockdowns operating at home. Now that the restrictions are lifting, should you stick with a remote schedule or seek out an in-office opportunity?

Many people default to the work-at-home option. One survey found that almost three-fourths of workers (72%) would prefer a remote situation, at least two days a week.

However, even within these statistics, signs of skepticism about the remote system can be seen. Given the choice between a schedule that was all at home or all at the office, workers generally viewed it as a toss-up. The same survey showed that 13% of respondents were in favor of always working remote, basically matching the 12% who wanted to head to the office every day.

That last group might have a point. Sure, remote work has an obvious appeal, especially in terms of flexibility and lifestyle. But your career can also get a lift from an in-office situation.

To underline that point, here are some of the benefits of in-office finance and accounting jobs:

Get Out of the House

In a remote schedule, your whole life revolves around your home. Add in the convenience of food delivery and other services — you’ll never need to see sunshine again. This can become claustrophobic very quickly.

Even with inconveniences like traffic (and routine grooming), going to the office has its value. Even just as a break in the monotony, it’s good to get out of the house. You get to see the outside world – and maintain your home as a sanctuary to forget work.

Talk Face to Face

Online exchanges have their value. But nothing quite replaces a face-to-face discussion. The in-office environment encourages conversation and the interchange of ideas.

Take Advantage of Casual Collaboration

Yes, technology has significantly improved the ability for a dispersed team to work together effectively. But these encounters usually require some pre-planning. You can have more organic and unexpected discussions when you share the same physical location. This accelerates your ability to collaborate, driving innovation and fostering team morale.

Avoid Outside Distractions

Let’s face it: working from home comes with a host of distractions. You might have pets or partners or roommates moving around, as well as a number of other non-work tasks calling out to you. Going to an office lets you focus on work.

Get Noticed By Supervisors

There is something anonymous about online work. It’s hard to make a connection with the decision-makers at your company. In an office setting, you have a better chance of building a rapport with those key players higher than you on the corporate ladder. This will increase your recognition and improve your chances of advancement.

Build Better Relationships

Beyond the chance of professional advancement that comes from impressing your supervisors, in-office work comes with broader relationship-building opportunities. It’s also easier to get to know your co-workers.

On the one hand, this has a definitive networking advantage. Fostering these connections could pay off at some point in your future career. But there’s an emotional component as well. In the office, you are more likely to develop meaningful friendships with those around you.

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