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Attract The Best! Top Benefits Canadian Professionals Will Be Looking for in 2022

The end of the pandemic has created a once-in-a-generation job market. In this environment, Canadian professionals are poised to search for new opportunities. That means you need to make your compensation packages as attractive as possible, filling them with the top benefits needed to draw talent in 2022.

One survey indicated that 43% of Canadian workers are thinking about finding a new job in 2022. That’s a massive chunk of the labor market. You have to position yourself to remain competitive as the reshuffling begins.

Salaries make up only part of the puzzle. Workers will have negotiating leverage in every part of their compensation packages. With that in mind, here are the top benefits Canadian professionals will be looking for in 2022:

Six Benefits That Will Attract Top Professionals To Your Company

Schedule Flexibility

Given the spread of remote work during the pandemic, workers have grown accustomed to operating outside the office. This will likely carry over into 2022. Top talent in will want some measure of control over their schedules.

This might take the form of a hybrid work structure. Or it could involve flex time that allows employees to better integrate their personal lives with their professional routine.

Unlimited PTO

The preference that many workers have for remote work and flexible schedules will likely spread to other aspects of their professional lives. Less rigid vacation and sick policies have become more common in recent years. This will likely accelerate in the wake of COVID. As such, you should expect heavy interest in unlimited PTO.

Telehealth Options

The pandemic prompted two major workplace trends: a renewed focus on health and an increased reliance on remote technology. Telehealth stands at the crossroads of these developments. Workers will want convenient, safe ways to monitor their health and check in with medical professionals. They will gravitate towards companies that understand these desires.

Mental Health Support

Another health-related lesson from the pandemic: the word “health” doesn’t just apply to the body. The isolation of lockdowns put a spotlight on the mental aspect of wellness. As a result, many workers have become more aware of the support systems provided by employers.

Are you doing enough in this area for your team members? Improving your mental health coverage will help you attract and keep top talent. At the same time, encouraging this focus can lead to improved culture and productivity.

Educational Subsidies

The best professionals will want their careers to progress over time. The more you facilitate that, the easier it will be to land top talent. Creating an outlet for career development will make you a sought-after destination.

Build this reputation by offering support for your workers to pursue additional education. This can take the form of internal training courses, as well as credits and subsidies for them to take outside courses.

Additional Family Support Options

The pandemic also put an increased focus on families. Remote operations let workers create better work/life balance — an equilibrium that your team members will want to strengthen going forward.

To facilitate this, your benefits should give ample family support as well. This will show your commitment to a holistic view of your employees. Consider offerings like:

  • Supplementary Health Insurance for Significant Others
  • Pet Insurance
  • Child Care Subsidies

Need Help Attracting Top Talent?

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