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Battling for Top Employees? How to Make Your Job Stand Out

Hiring for positions can be challenging. To beat out the competition, you need to provide additional value. This means finding ways to make your jobs stand out.

It’s not surprising that talented professionals require an enhanced sales pitch. Given the rare skills necessary to thrive in these roles, the best candidates demand a lot of attention. You’ll face significant competition to land your preferred hire.

This fact is supported by hiring statistics. According to Robert Half, it takes an average of four weeks to fill even lower-level positions.

But what can you do to get attention? Here are a few steps you can take to stand out as you compete for the best candidates:

Six Tips for Canadian Companies Looking To Hire Top Talent

Get the Basics Right

You want to make sure your job stands out, right? Well, start by making sure it doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

As you begin the recruitment process, look at what your competition is offering. If you want to attract top talent, that will provide your benchmark. Ensure the essential aspects of your position (salary, benefits, etc.) match the expectations of the job market.

Know Your Target Candidate

Picture your ideal applicant. Create a list of ideal skills you would like them to have. This will help you focus your efforts.

Once you’ve narrowed your target audience, you can figure out how best to reach them. Research the features that appeal to the type of candidate you want to attract. By understanding what’s important to your candidates, you can better shape your recruitment efforts.

Sell the Company as a Whole

You’re not just selling a job. You’re also selling your company.

Ideally, your new hire will become a long-standing member of the team. Their specific duties will change over time. However, the company itself will provide the bedrock of their developing career. The more appealing you can make your organization, the more interested the best candidates will be in your position.

Give Recruiting the Personal Touch

You aren’t looking for a mindless corporate drone. Instead, you want to attract additional skills like leadership, innovation, and communication. As such, you can’t order up a new employee like shopping for a toaster on Amazon.

Instead, you want to personalize your approach. This involves engineering your recruiting process so that it encourages a deeper relationship with your chosen candidates. You want to woo, engage, connect. Treat your applicants like individuals rather than faceless names on a resume.

Stress Long-Term Career Advancement

Top talent wants to excel. Your best candidates don’t just want to fill a role and collect a paycheck. They want to build a long-term career.

Make sure this is possible within your organization. Stress the advancement opportunities during the recruitment process. This way, your applicants can see themselves working for you years down the line.

Highlight Your Culture

Jobs are about more than day-to-day tasks. They also involve more profound, emotional components. Employees want to feel a sense of mission and actively participate in a corporate community.

Let your top candidates know these factors represent priorities for you as well. Stress culture during recruitment and ask about it as part of your interview.

Need Help Finding Talented Candidates?

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