Adam has reached out to me about a potential job opportunity, and when I responded to say that I was interested, he sent me the job description, and followed up with a call to discuss the position and whether or not he thought I would be a suitable candidate and whether or not this would be a good fit for both parties involved.

Further into the process, he met with me to discuss interview tips, as well as the team that could be my potential new employer. He really helped me with my nerves and had confidence that I would do well. He also gave me some pointers about what to expect, and mentioned that I could reach out to him at any point with questions or concerns.

Adam had checked in with me frequently during the interview process, and eventually gave me the good news that my #1 choice had a job offer for me!

When the offer came in, he checked in and asked if there was anything that I needed or that he could negotiate on behalf of me to ensure that the transition from my employer to this new job would run smoothly.

The whole process was very helpful, and Adam was a fantastic proxy for when the offer came in.

I really appreciated all of the time he took to get to know me personally and my needs, and find a great fit for me.

I’m really excited for this next step, and would highly recommend anyone who is looking to move into industry (from public accounting) to reach out to Adam. He is a great ally to have in your corner!