5 Excel Skills That Can Help You Advance as a Finance and Accounting Professional

5 Excel Skills That Can Help You Advance as Finance and Accounting Professional

Excel represents a core tool for any finance and accounting professional. Over 30 million people use the program to create and manage spreadsheets. By mastering high-level Excel skills, you can take your finance career to the next level. After all, finance and accounting success starts with math. That’s the basis of the discipline. However, you […]

Is Your Commute Worth It? How to Find a Great Job Closer To Home

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The eventual end of the COVID lockdowns will open up a host of fun and exciting activities. But one part of the pre-pandemic routine will come as an unpleasant chore: commuting. The return of this part of the daily grind might convince you to find a great job closer to home. In normal, non-pandemic times, […]