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4 Types of Leadership Value You Might Already Have

Worried that you might not be ready for a leadership position? You might be closer than you think. Many people have leadership values that they don’t realize — the key is to discover the hidden talents you’ve already developed and make them clear to your employer.

After all, every company needs leaders. Unfortunately, organizations often have trouble filling these critical roles. As of late, firms are finding themselves suffering through a leadership gap.

Companies can narrow this apparent chasm by recognizing the talent they already have around them. Part of your job is understanding the value you can bring already and communicating that to decision-makers in your organization.

With that in mind, here are four types of leadership values you might already have:

Leadership Traits You Might Already Have


Leadership often centers around the delivery and receipt of information. You need to direct your team in the most efficient way possible. At the same time, you need to gather as much data as possible to make informed decisions.

Both directions of this process require high-level communication. To be successful, you need to give directives in a way that maximizes their effectiveness. You also need to stay open to feedback, allowing you to continually improve your process over time.

More than that, strong communication skills involve setting the right tone. As a leader, you need to exude confidence and professionalism. Knowing how to radiate these qualities will create an environment conducive to success.


The ability to connect with people improves your communication abilities. Cultivating empathy makes you a better listener. It can also help your ability to deliver a message, allowing you to craft your approach in the way most likely to get the results you desire.

Becoming more empathetic can help you in other ways. Here are a few areas in that empathy can feed other leadership areas:

  • Contributing to improved team morale
  • Building connections between you and your team
  • Providing a model for your employees
  • Anticipating problems, giving you a chance to sidestep issues before they fester
  • Nurturing a positive, engaged attitude

Innovative Thinking

In positions of responsibility, problem-solving becomes a core competency. You need to deal with emergency situations. Beyond this, you want to anticipate problems and take the steps necessary to avoid them.

All this takes creativity. A good leader applies imagination to their role. This way, you can come up with innovative responses to unexpected situations.

Leaders also need to adapt to evolving circumstances. Nurture flexible thinking and the ability to learn. By fostering these skills, you ensure that you can remain a strong leader over the long haul.


Leadership positions require trust. This goes in two directions at once. You need to be a person who has the confidence of upper management. At the same time, your direct reports need to know they can depend on you.

Developing a reputation for integrity will help you move up the corporate ladder. To do this, maximize your accountability. At the same time, make the most of the responsibilities you are given. Show the people around you that you are trustworthy, reliable, and honest.

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