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Want to Boost Your Accounting Resume? Make Sure to Include These Skills!

While accounting positions often require the same core accounting abilities, that fundamental expertise is never enough. To succeed in the field, you also need a wide variety of secondary skills to boost your resume and push your career forward.

But what other competencies should you develop? There are a vast number of potential skills you could nurture. Which ones are most worth your time and effort?

The key is to find supplemental capabilities that complement your central accounting knowledge, while simultaneously opening up your career. Some of these have a close association with accounting and finance. Others represent more general skills, which can facilitate success in almost any profession.

With that in mind, here are the top skills that will boost your accounting resume:

Skills to Consider Adding to Strengthen Your Accounting Resume

Tech Competencies

Technology has become an important part of every disciple. This includes the accounting industry. Especially with the recent rise of fintech, the intersection between finance and technology has become increasingly central to operating in the field.

As such, you’ll want to showcase your technical prowess as you apply for accounting positions. Highlight your tech skills on your resume, listing the software you’ve used and the various skills you’ve acquired.


Employers want team members who can juggle various roles. Reaching the highest levels of efficiency often means having strong organizational skills. Spotlighting these competencies will underline your value.

Regulatory/Legal Standards

Beyond your core accounting skills, you need to show that you can operate effectively in the real world. This means demonstrating a deep d of regulatory and legal standards related to your specific industry.

At the same time, you want to show your willingness to keep up with changing regulations. Oversight policies will evolve over time. Let employers know you have a process to stay current with the details.


Any job will require collaboration. A strong communication background will make you a valuable addition to any accounting team.

Given the complexity of financial topics, it helps to have a broad vocabulary to discuss the subject. You’ll often need to talk to people who lack your in-depth background. As such, highlight your ability to discuss your work with various audiences:

  • Coworkers: Stress your ability to work with other well-versed financial professionals.
  • Non-finance team-members: Show that you can also reach across to other parts of the company, educating non-finance collaborators about your projects.
  • Customers: You’ll impress potential employers by indicating your ability to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Other stakeholders and interested parties: The wider your skill set in this arena, the better. Highlight as many groups as possible, including such as partners, investors, lenders, and regulators.

Data Analysis

Accounting is essentially about organizing data. Are you ready to take the next step and interpret what the numbers mean? Employees will gravitate towards candidates who can go beyond basic accounting and provide actionable insights based on the information you compile and categorize.

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