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It’s Time to Change How You Find Candidates! 5 Tips for Easier Hiring

Think of your recruiting process as a kind of sales funnel. You only end up with strong hires at the bottom if you can get qualified candidates to show up at the top. Unfortunately, most companies struggle with this early-stage challenge. Now is the time to find ways for easier hiring.

If you’re frustrated by the applicants you receive from your job postings, you’re not alone. It’s a major problem, especially in a tight labor market. One study found that about nine out of 10 employers (91%) reported few or no qualified candidates for their open positions.

You put a lot of thought into your overall recruiting process. However, you can’t get much value out of it if you don’t attract top candidates. But how can you do this?

Here are five tips that can help you change how you find candidates, leading to an easier hiring process:

Try a More Flexible Approach

Companies often get in a rut when it comes to hiring. Every time a position opens up, they enact an identical process. As a result, they tend to find the same kinds of candidates and wind up with similar choices when it gets to hiring time.

A more flexible approach can lead to a broader selection of candidates. By using multiple avenues to find applicants, you raise the chances of attracting a more diverse field. This, in turn, gives you more interesting alternatives when it comes time to fill the position.

Here are a few ways you can broaden your hiring process:

  • Use employee referrals
  • Search for passive talent
  • Look beyond the major job sites
  • Leverage social media

Get the Most Out of Your Networking Skills

The job candidates looking to join your firm will likely use their networking skills to find the ideal position. Why can’t you leverage the same methods to locate the perfect applicant?

Networking offers a great mechanism to find under-the-radar job seekers. As such, you’ll extract excellent value from asking your professional contacts.

This way, you’ll meet people you might not connect with otherwise. At the same time, you’ll streamline the process because you’ve already pre-screened the candidate with at least one reliable reference.

Build a Talent Pipeline

When a position becomes open, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who you want to fill it? Skip the entire recruiting process and just hand over responsibility to someone you feel comfortable with already.

That’s the value of a talent pipeline. With this strategy, you build relationships with appropriate candidates over time. Then, as it comes time to hire, you have a list of potential names already.

Here are a few steps you can take in this direction:

  • Build a network of part-time/contract workers
  • Stay in contact with former employees
  • Search for talent on an ongoing basis

Invest in Your Employer Brand

A strong employer brand can streamline your recruiting process. This process builds an attractive reputation with job seekers. That way, you have less convincing to do when it comes time to offer a job.

Cultivating your employer brand also opens up the list of candidates you have available. You don’t have to search for every applicant yourself. With a highly regarded reputation, talent will seek you out as well.

Use a Recruitment Agency

An outside perspective can also help you find a better selection of candidates. The expert direction you get from a staffing firm will broaden your recruiting horizons. You’ll plug into a high-value group of potential applicants.

Need Help Finding The Right Candidates Easier?

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