I approached Elby a couple of months ago after quitting my job of the last three years. As part of my job search I contacted 5 or 6 different recruiters to keep my options open. A few agencies responded to me and requested a copy of my resume. Others I didn’t even hear back from, and one asked for my resume and then requested that I check in with them once a month.

I was looking for a more consultative approach, and that is exactly what I got from Elby. I was contacted by Karen Hannam, and invited to come in and discuss my past work experience, interests, and career expectations. From the very first point of contact via email my experience with Karen and Elby was nothing short of outstanding and professional. Karen was incredibly helpful, and personable. I was completely new to the recruitment process and she really coached me, and provided helpful guidance.

Karen took the time to get to know me, in order to see where I would be a good fit amongst their clients. I am now employed in a new role at a great company thanks to all of her assistance. My overall experience with Elby was incredibly positive and I would highly recommend their services to both employers, and job seekers.