The Future of Work in Canada: Navigating Evolving Trends

Work is evolving in Canada. Your business must keep pace — otherwise, you risk falling behind industry rivals. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to embrace the future of work in Candada. With a clear understanding of the latest work trends, you’re well equipped to rise above your competitors. On top of that, […]

Back in the Office? Here’s How You Can Bring (Back) The Energy

Back in the Office? Here's How You Can Bring (Back) The Energy | Elby

Coming back from the COVID lockdowns has been a bumpy road. Even with most of the restrictions now largely in the rearview, companies have struggled to get employees back to the office. One survey showed that about 50% of business managers were planning to bring their workers back full-time in 2023. Is your team ready […]

How to Strive to Retain Your Hybrid Employees

How to Strive to Retain Your Hybrid Employees | Elby

Hybrid work structures have become common in many companies. These mixtures of in-person and remote schedules offer many benefits for both workers and employers. However, they also present special challenges when it comes to retention. Do you have policies in place to retain your top hybrid employees? It’s a crucial question. COVID spurred a mass […]