Why You Need to Work with a Recruiter to Find Your Next Executive

Filling executive roles represents a tricky process. You can’t just place online ads, like when you hire an entry-level employee. The complexity of market makes working with a recruiter an excellent way to maximize your chances of finding the perfect leader for your organization. The executive search industry has grown substantially over the past decade. […]

6 Interview Questions to Ask C-Suite Executives When Hiring

6 Interview Questions to ask C-Suite Executives When Hiring | Elby

Conducting a meaningful job interview is difficult enough for entry-level positions. As you move up the corporate ladder, the hiring decisions get increasingly pivotal – to the point where the future of the company might hinge on the selection. This puts a lot of weight on the interview questions you ask when hiring C-Suite executives. […]

How to Make Sure an Executive Candidates Fits Your Company Culture

Company culture is always a crucial topic when it comes to hiring. Every candidate, at every level of the organization, has to contribute to the overall team. This subject matters even more, when you recruit executive candidates. You need to make sure these leaders fit into your company culture. A disconnect between your management team […]