CEO Turnover Predicted to Rise: How to Retain Top Executives After the Pandemic

How to Work Around Prospective Employees Who Ghost | Elby

Early in 2021, the pace of CEO turnover hit record highs. The pandemic had put a hold on many transition plans, as economic conditions became murky and many executives battened down the hatches to weather the COVID storm. Now that the outbreak finally seems to be passing, turnover in the top corporate ranks looks ready […]

The Top Finance and Accounting Trends Canadian Companies Need to Know

The Top Finance and Accounting Trends Canadian Companies Need to Know

Yes, 2020 was a hard year. And, no, the early months of 2021 haven’t been much better. But even in the middle of challenging economic times, you have to prepare for long-term success. As we approach the mid-point of the year, it’s important to keep an eye on the finance and accounting trends Canadian companies […]

How Our Staffing and Recruiting Firm Can Help You Find Great Accounting Jobs

Searching for a job can become a lonely and intimidating process. Why not get as much help as possible? A top staffing firm, like Elby Professional Recruitment, will take the stress out of your job hunt. At the same time, we can help you reach the highest level of success possible. Actors and professional athletes […]

How to Make Sure an Executive Candidates Fits Your Company Culture

Company culture is always a crucial topic when it comes to hiring. Every candidate, at every level of the organization, has to contribute to the overall team. This subject matters even more, when you recruit executive candidates. You need to make sure these leaders fit into your company culture. A disconnect between your management team […]