How Does Your Accounting Team Approach Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is key for accountants. There is no telling when a cyberattack will occur. If members of your accounting team are not prepared, they may fall victim to cybercrime. At this point, your organisation, its employees, and its customers may suffer the consequences.  Make cyber protection a top priority for your accounting team. Develop a […]

Transferable Skills: How to Identify Them

You have skills — and some of them will help you in a wide range of roles. If you know your transferable skills, you’ll be able to promote them to your current employer or prospective new ones. And, at this point, you’ll be well equipped to land your dream job.  What Are Transferable Skills? There […]

3 Issues Impacting the Talent Pool in 2024

2024 represents a year of challenges and opportunities for the global talent pool. If you know what issues impact top talent, you can map out your recruitment efforts accordingly. Most importantly, you’ll be able to position your organisation as a top choice for job candidates. And you may be able to generate lots of interest […]

Your Guide to Acing the Administrative Job Interview

An administrative job interview is a great career opportunity. If you ace your interview, you’ll likely move one step closer to landing your dream job. In the best-case scenario, you’ll get an administrative role where you’ll build the career you’ve always wanted.  How you plan for your administrative job interview is key. If you prepare […]