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Enhancing Candidate Engagement Through Effective Interview Communication Management

Candidate engagement plays an important role in your job interviews. With effective communication management, you’re well equipped to make a lasting impression. Plus, you can learn about a candidate and understand their strengths and weaknesses. From here, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about this individual. And, a candidate may be more likely to accept an offer from your company over one from your rivals. 

When it comes to interview communications, there are many things you can do to keep candidates engaged. These include:

1. Set Expectations for the Interview Process

Share information about your interview process with candidates. When a candidate submits their application, you can follow up with an email that explains your interview process. Or, you can include this information in your job posting. In either scenario, be clear about this process. Let candidates know you are available to answer questions about this process, too. 

Meanwhile, put together interview questions based on the role you want to fill. As you craft your job description, consider what your ideal candidate will bring to the table. This will help you prepare a detailed job description and interview questions that’ll help you evaluate a candidate. 

2. Keep Candidates Up to Date

Don’t engage in job ghosting. Instead, share updates with candidates about your interview process. If you say you will follow up with a candidate one week after an interview, do so. At this point, if your talent search is ongoing, let them know. 

Make it easy for candidates to reach out to you. If a candidate has a follow-up concern or question, they should be able to contact you via email or phone. In a situation where a candidate can’t, they may believe you aren’t interested in them. This can hurt your company’s reputation. In the long run, it may make it tough for you to attract top talent. 

3. Provide Feedback

Give candidates feedback, regardless of whether you decide to move forward with them. Offering feedback can boost candidate engagement, since it lets you show job seekers you want to help them learn, grow, and thrive. If you provide feedback, a candidate may be more willing to apply for jobs with your company over others, even if you previously turned them down. 

For example, if you reach out to a candidate after an interview, provide them with feedback. If you feel a candidate may be an excellent fit, explain why. On the other hand, if you find a candidate may be a poor fit, describe how they can strengthen their skill set moving forward. 

The Bottom Line on How to Increase Candidate Engagement 

These simple, effective tips can help you enhance candidate engagement at each stage of your interview process. Of course, if you want extra help as you search for quality job candidates, the team at Elby Professional Recruitment is available. We can put you in touch with top talent in accounting and finance, HR and office administration, and many other areas. For more information, contact us today.