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5 Ways to Advance Your Human Resources Career

A long-term commitment to the human resources industry can pay off handsomely. The top salaries exceed $130,000 for the highest-end positions. But how do you make it to this elite echelon?

It’s an important question. The HR field has significant growth potential, with 7% expansion projected in the industry by 2028. However, human resources also represents a competitive endeavor.

As such, you need a strong strategy and constant dedication to push your career along. To help you out, here are five ways to advance your human resources career:

Five Tips for HR Professionals Looking to Advance Their Career

Set Goals

Imagine driving a car but not knowing where you want to go. You just take turns at random, without a clear plan. What’s the chance you end up somewhere good?

The same can be true with a career. Let one day run into the next and you could find yourself stalled. Or, without a long-term goal in mind, you might find yourself going in circles.

Instead, take charge of your human resources career. Set both short-term and long-term goals. Once those objectives are conceived, it becomes easier to make incremental progress towards a valuable goal.

Build a Network

We often think of networking in the context of a job search. And having a broad set of connections certainly helps in this area. But networking can provide other benefits for your human resources career as well.

A strong network within your current organization can help you secure promotions and discover new opportunities. Meanwhile, looking for mentors can help you develop skills and target your efforts.

Keep Learning

Human resources is a dynamic field. As such, it requires a commitment to ongoing education. After all, you need to stay current with the latest developments.

This process includes keeping up with changes in legal and regulatory expectations. It also involves adding to your industry knowledge, as well as remaining up to date with the current gold standard for things like hiring best practices.

Continually Upgrade Your Soft Skills

Beyond keeping up with improvements in the HR industry, you should become a well-rounded professional. This involves developing your so-called soft skills. These abilities will help you in whatever role you take on as your career progresses.

Here are some key soft skills to upgrade:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Technology

Develop Management Abilities

There’s one particular soft skill that can open up enormous possibilities: leadership. By getting experience in this area, you can fast-track your career, setting the stage for promotions and the highest-paying positions in HR.

Often, moving up the corporate ladder means taking on management roles. At a certain point, advancement in your HR career will require leadership positions. You need to make sure you’re ready for the responsibility. At the same time, you want to signal to corporate decision-makers that you can handle a supervisory position.

Find Opportunities at Top Companies

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