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Falling Out Of Love With Your Job? 5 Tips for Accounting and Finance Professionals

Daydreaming of a new job? Now might be the time to consider alternatives. However, before you uproot your professional life, look closely at your situation. Why have you fallen out of love with your accounting and finance position?

Answering this question will help you plan the next stage of your career. You don’t want to make a mistake and leave a rewarding situation that can be salvaged. At the same time, you don’t want to quit your accounting and finance job, only to wind up unhappy at a similar (or even worse) role at a different company.

Now that the Great Resignation is here, you need to decide how you can best leverage the economic situation to find the perfect spot. Understanding your emotional response to your current job will allow you to make the most of your opportunities. As such, here are five tips for accounting and finance professionals who have fallen out of love with their current jobs:

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Accounting or Finance Career

Get Back to Basics

Every job has two main categories of tasks. There are the core duties. For you, these include all the accounting and finance functions that you trained hard to master. Then, there is all the other nonsense you have to deal with.

These periphery chores often overshadow the basic mission. You get bogged down in meetings, paperwork, office politics, and all the other extraneous headaches.

If you’re starting to lose the joy you once had in your accounting and finance role, it might not be the central job you’ve come to dislike. Rather, you may have become overwhelmed by the distasteful extras. Try to get back to the main task. As much as possible, strip away the unnecessary stuff and get back to what you love about your job.

Think About Your Coworkers

Is it the job you’ve fallen out of love with? Or the people around you? Think of it as a twist on that old breakup line: it’s not you, it’s me. It might not be the work. It might be your coworkers.

If so, you might be able to restore your excitement with an internal shift in scenery. A tweak in your responsibilities or switching to a new team could lead to an entirely different outlook.

There’s a flip side to the coworker coin. The people around you could be the saving grace. If you love your coworkers but don’t much like the work, you can make your days more pleasant by leaning into team spirit.

Set New Goals

Sure, your current job may have become a grind. But the issue might only be temporary. A change in attitude can help get you to a place where you once again see each day as an opportunity, rather than a boring slog.

Reorient your mindset. Rather than just trying to get through each day, formulate longer-term goals. Look to expand your view of your current role. This might give the added challenge and direction you need to reignite your interest in your career.

Make a Pros and Cons List

Should you stay or should you go? It’s hard to make such a massive decision. You may have lost your zest for your current role but that doesn’t mean the job has become a complete loss. You need a way to consider the problem objectively.

Start with a simple process. List the pros you see in the job, as well as the cons. Writing them out will help you organize your thoughts and make a more rational decision.

Find a New Job      

Sadly, you can’t always get back that feeling of joy. Like a romantic relationship, sometimes the spark just disappears. And, as in your dating life, it might take a new situation to renew your excitement.

If you’ve reached that point, it might be time to start looking for a new job. New surroundings and a new challenge might be just what you need to rediscover the love you once had for your accounting and finance career.

Need Help Finding A Job You Love?

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